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He is a hard man to derail...

Dear Sigmund,

I am in receipt of your mail,what is the meaning of that in the attachment, (Think, Henry! Think!) i want you to get back to me immediately the bank replies you,so that we will be concluding this transaction within the next five banking days.The success of this transaction is 100% assured.

Waiting to hear from you.

Truly yours,


Sigmund has another try:

Mein Dear Henry,

Are you mein mails reading?

Let me to you be explaining once more: I am ein thesis writing. A book on psychology.

I want to know what you see in the little picture.

Different peoples see different things.

Please be telling me this thing. It is nicht difficult.

Do you a bowl of fruit see?
A fish perhaps?
A seascape?
An attractive woman?
Your mother possibly.

Please with this be helping me, Henry.
To be helping you I have once again the picture attached.

The application has to the company been gesent.

Yours most attentively,


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