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He is still running to a tight script.

Dear Dr Sigmund,

Thanks for your email,you have to fill the applications correctly and send to the bank without delay so that the bank can get back to you without further delay.I received the copy of your international passport and it is very clear and nice.

Waiting to hear from you.

Truly yours,

Sigmund perseveres:

Mein Dear Henry,

Have I upset you? I have the photo reattached. Please be telling me what it is in it you see when you at the picture closely look. It is nicht ein trick.

As part of mein thesis I am many peoples this question asking. I am about having a Nigerian in mein survey most excited.

I am on you relying, Henry.

I will the application send today.

How is your mother? Do you find her attractive?

Yours scholastically,

Sigmund Freud (Dr).

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