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Dr Freud is sent an application form. I will put it up here after I fill it out in a a day or two. (No point in putting it up twice.) There is so little reference to my letter in this one that I think it must be a form letter from the 'kit'. The guy seems to be closely following a script.

Dear Dr. Sigmund Freud,

From: Henry.

I am in receipt of your email and all arrangement to ensure a smooth and a successful transfer of the fund out of the country is fully in place.I have started to process the transfer of the fund to your account as I have forwarded your account detail to the ministry of finance for foreign transfer control approval in your favour.

Below is the application which you should fill in your account information where the fund will be transferred and your name as it appears in your legal documents and send to the bank management so that the bank will start the official processing of the transfer to your account without delay.

Below is the email addresses you should mail the application to;


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