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Details are sent.

Mein Dear Henry,

How are you today? I must apologise for mein tardy reply. It ist der examination season and I am very busy.

I am wishing to assure you that I will this transaction be able to complete. It has my capabilities most assuredly inside it.

Am I correct in my understanding that you are wishing to be addressed as Mr Greay and nicht Mr Ben Smit? I am feeling this is most interesting. Is your mother a Mrs Greay? Is she in your life most large and looming? Do you love her greatly? I am thinking it is so.

You are saying that your family is a Royal Cethswayo; please be telling me what is such a thing.

You wish a brief biography of mein life? I was born at a very young age... (ha ha, eine kleine jokule, nicht wahr?). I am eine Doktor of Psychology at the University of Hardknox. I make a meagre living teaching and as ein tutor to the children of the wealthy. I am mein book writing.

May I use you for eine moment? I have to this email ein picture attached. It is Pic1.jpg called. Could you be so kind as to tell me what you see in it? Danke schoen, I am of your help most appreciative. It will with mein book be helping me.

I do not have ein office at the University but am from home working. My contact phone ist xxxx and fax xxxx.

Mein back account is number 063-188 7558 4600 in the name of S. FREUD. It is at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia kept.

I am hoping that I have to you given all the informations. Mein passport ist to this email attached.

Yours mostly,

Sigmund Freud (Dr).

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