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The end of the Sigmund Freud tale:

My Dear Mr Greay,

As I have nearly concluded the paperwork associated with wrapping up Dr Sigmund Freud's affairs I found one last photo to send you.

There are a few things I must tell you about it:

It is not Sigmund Freud. Nor is it his mother.

It does seem to neatly wrap up what has been a most enjoyable excursion with the good Doctor.

As you have had some difficulty understanding the preceding cards of Dr Freud you may also have a problem with the subtleties of this one but I am loathe to explain it in too much detail. There are those who may psychoanalyse me.

Make of it what you will. Rest assured there is a message in it.

And it is a nice end to this adventure. It is a nice end, period.

By the way, Sigmund Freud did exist, but died in 1939.

My Sigmund Freud, your Sigmund Freud, was as imaginary as your money.

Reread that line, Henry, it is important.

Auf Wiedersehen Henry, you have me much pleasure given.

Yours greatly amused,

J. Cosmo Newbery,
Newbery & Associates.

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