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More details are forthcoming.

Curiously there is a patch of capitals in the middle of an otherwise lowercase letter. I think this is the point where he cut into a template reply.

Attn:Dr Sigmund Freud,

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail. Considering your positive responses and in my anticipation of a strong and solid cooperation from your side in this business, in-fact I am very much interested to know whether you will be capable to do this business with me in full confidence trusting that you will never let me down in future and if you are really serious and have the facilities for effective communications (Sure do, Henry!)

The deceased, PEDRO F. HASLER held this account with a prime bank, PSG Investment Bank Limited SA. I work with this bank, PSG INVESTMENT BANK LIMITED SOUTH AFRICA as the BOARD AUDIT COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN since SEPTEMBER 2000 and my real name is Mr.HENRY BEN SMIT. I USED THE NAME IN MY FIRST LETTER AS A SECURITY MEASURE BECAUSE I DO NOT KNOW YOU BEFORE, I CONTACTED YOU AS A TOTAL STRANGER AND YOU SHOULD ADDRESS ME WITH THAT NAME IN MY FIRST LETTER THROUGH OUT OUR COMMUNICATION IN THIS DEAL FOR SECURITY REASON.I am 60 years of age and I am from a Royal Cethswayo family in Zulu South Africa with grand Children, I cannot do anything that will spoil the good name of my Great family or, tarnish your own image. (Good.)

It interests me to note that you are willing to receive this fund into your account. (I never said that, Henry. Is this a template letter?) I must assure you that this business is 100% risk and trouble free hence the fund is a legitimate fund (risk free = legitimate?) , which does not originate from drug or money laundry or terrorism. (Of course not. It doesn't originate from anywhere.) All arrangement to see to the successful transfer of the fund to your account is already in place but my only worry is the security and safety of the fund once transferred to your account. As such I will like you to send me a brief life biography of yours, a copy of your international passport, your contact address both office & home so that I will know that you are for real. You should also send me your correct account information of where you will like the fund to be transferred so that I will start to process the transfer of the fund to your account.

On receipt of the above information and a strong assurance from you that my trust and confidence in you is not misplaced, I will then start to process the transfer of the fund to your account without further delay. I will send you an application, which you will fill and send to the bank for them to start the transfer of the fund to your account without further delay. I will also forward your account detail to the Ministry of finance for foreign transfer approval in your favor. So as soon as the fund is approved for transfer to your account, you as the foreign beneficiary of the fund will be required to our foreign offshore payment centre in Holland [Netherland] for the signing of the final fund release order. (Why Holland? Don't get me wrong, it is a nice place but just send me the money, Henry!)

After the signing the fund will be transferred to your account in your present and you will call your bank to confirm receipt of the fund in your account. On confirmation of the successful transfer of the fund to your account, I will then fly over to meet you up in Holland so that I can go back with you to your Country like one family for sharing and investment as I stated in my first letter of proposal. (Oh...)

After the proper sharing of the first $6 Million, we will be together in your country and I will have the remaining balance of 20 Million transferred to your account and we will also share the same as I stated earlier.

Waiting anxiously to hear from you.

Sincerely yours,


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