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Sigmund arrives in Amsterdam, via Tibet.

His cards prove their worth.

Ach, mein dear Henry,

I am alive!

I could not a flight from Shanghai get so ein steamlocomotive caught, hoping to Beijing arrive. Henry, we were at by bandits geshotten! Mit guns and bulleten! It was in a chop suey Western like.

I was captured and for ransom getaken. I the opportunity took to show mein captors mein cards. They must that I am a professor realised, for they released me after only 24 hours mit mein cards. A yak wagon me took to Tibet.

I mein cards to the Tibetanmonksmitgeshavenhead showed and they immediately into Nepal took me. From there I to Amsterdam flew. I am for Johannesburg leaving tonight.

Henry, mein dear friend, when I am arriving I will ein large schnapps and ein hot bath require.

The details oft the flight are KLM KL593, arriving at 0805 on Monday December 23rd. This is like the flight previously, no?

Guten abend dear Henry, be of good cheer, I am coming.

Yours versnickered,


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