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Reluctantly Sigmund agrees to the money but is silent on the watches.

(I think my spellchecker has haemorrhaged.)

Donner und Blitzen Henry!

You wish $24,000 with me to bring? Das ist nicht foodforchooksgepecken!

And wristgewearentimenapparat? How many for himmel's sake?!

It ist rude for giftsinchristmaspapiergewrappen to ask Henry. Did your school nothing teach you? You never to me told about your school. Did you to school be going?

I will mein best do. I am for you doing this, Henry. I will want you some cards to look at, verstehen Sie? Probably nicht. You are to me a serious disappointment, Henry. Perhaps face to face we can our misunderstandings correct.

Sehr gut, I will the money gebringen.

**** I will at Johannesburg on Wednesday December 18th arrive. KLM flight KL593.

It will at 0805hrs on Wednesday morning arrive. That is with the gross hand on the one unt the klein hand on the eight. Alles klar?

Please ensure that I am with tight security met so that the money is most safe. Bitte.

Yours clinically,


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