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Henry wants some money...

Dear Dr Sigmund,

Thanks for your email,i am very happy that we will conclude this transaction by thursday before the bank will go on xmas holiday,you do not have to worry as a warm reception awaits you in Johannesbourg (I hope it doesn't include car tyres...) ,so on the confirmation of the fund into your account after you must have signed the fund into your account and pay the government stamp duty charge the both of us will travel back to your country for the sharing and investments,you have to come with the government stamp duty charge of 0.4% which amounts to $24,000.00 so that the fund will be in your account i want you to note that you have to come with gifts like good wrist watches for the officials and myself as they have been of great help to us (You have been a big help to you?) , so that once you arrive in my country i will present you a very good gift. (My life, if I am lucky.) I will want you to call me before you fly to my country on wednesday (Nope.) so i will come to pick you up at the airport with my entourage.The success of this transaction depends on you. (There will be tears...)

Waiting to hear from you.

Truly yours,

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