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Sigmund is starting to have second thoughts:

Mein Dear Henry Greay,

Thank you for the document; I am pleased that things are forward going. I will be from the the travel agent later today mein papers collecting. I will to you the details then send.

Henry. I must to you be saying that in you I am very disappointed.

When I this correspondence started I felt that I would much new material for mein book be getting. I am about Afrikans so little material having.

Und what have I got. Ein plastiktubenmitfattibrotcrumbengestooffed!

Das ist correct. Not a sausage!

If I am to South Afrika coming, I want the answer to this question be knowing: will you so unfriendly being to me as you are now being? I am not wanting to be into an enemies camp arriving.

Will you be me helping, Henry. Yes. Or no. I will your answer await.

Yours deep in frustration,

Sigmund Freud (Dr).

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