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But Henry ignores it a presses on:

Dear Dr Sigmund Freud,

Thanks for your email, the mean thing is that I did not understand you in this transaction do you want to come South Africa let me know so that I will put things in order just let me know you arrangement so that I will pick you at the airport in your arrival so you have to insure me the security and the softy of this fund in your account once the fund is in your account that you going to let me down. Your truly


Henry's tangle-fingered typing confuses Sigmund:

Mein Dear Henry,

Are you in love? You in such puzzling riddles talk.

I will to South Africa becommen, if that ist what you want. Please advise exactly when you are me wanting there. Danke.

What ist "softy of this fund"?

Und why is it that you want me to let you down? I do not understand.

And I do not understand why you are so reluctant to be helping me with mein research? I am hurt Henry, grievously so.

Awaiting your reply,


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