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A longish letter from Henry...

...but he is strangely silent about the picture.

Dear Dr.Sigmund Freud,

I am happy you have been contacted by the bank, I am already working for the requirements and have concluded discussions with the medical professor at the Wilgers hospital S.A and the lawyer. The medical professor will issue us the medical report and death certificate of the deceased holder of the a/c, and the lawyer will do all the legal procedures on your behalf and forward all documents to the bank for the bank to issue transfer approvals in your favor as beneficiary.

The medical professor have already issued us medical report and death certificate of late Mr Pedro F.Hasler,and I have collected the draft copy of the affidavit of support from the lawyer, he will tomorrow go to the high court to swear the affidavit in your name, after which he will apply to the probate registry for the letter of administration to be issued in your name.

I will pay the lawyer and the medical professor, and will also spend huge amounts of money (No Henry, you musn't!) in the ministry to get all approvals and will also be sending to you all documents as I am getting them from the appropriate authorities. (You're a real gem, Henry!)

When all approvals are ready in your name as beneficiary, you will be required to come here in South Africa OR you can go to the foreign payment office attached to the embassy in Holland or Canada to sign the final fund release order form and to pay the 0.2% stamp duty charge to the ministry of justice for the original letter of administration to be issued you together with the international fund clearance certificate to show to your bank that the money going into your a/c is clean, genuine and free from drug/terrorism or money laundering. (Oh, it's clean alright!)

I will be sending to you the medical death certificate of Mr Pedro F.Hasler, and copy of affidavit of fact and the letter of administration as soon as it is ready in your name. The letter of administration serves as a WILL since the deceased died without a written or oral WILL which you are going to take along with you to our foreign offshore payment office for the signing. Contact your travel agency to be making arrangement regarding your visit for the signing of the final fund release order form so that money will start going into youâre a/c without further delay. (Bewdy!)

Yours truly,


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