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He's back! Now most people, when their email account is too full, will thin it out. Not our Henry. He just starts a new account.

Dear Freud,

How are you todat? That my email account have filled up use this very acount to contact me confirm the account and get back to me.

Yours Truly,

Sigmund sends a rehash of the bounced emails:

Ach Du Lieber mein Henry!

I am most happy to be hearing from you!! Your emails were back to me bouncing most alarmingly.

The bank has me contacted and is information after, as follows:


A. The Death Certificate of Mr. Pedro F. Hasler.

B. An Affidavit in supporting your relationship with him.

C. Letter of Administration of Estate/Credit Balance of the deceased holder of the a/c.


Do you this information have for me?

I am your instructions awaiting.


I am sorry that the picture was to you quite difficult. It was not meant to be so.

Some people are ein VASE geseeing, others are TWO FACES geseeing.

You saw nothing of these? That is most significant. Do you believe in God?

I have ein second photo attached. Please be telling me if you see anything therein. Please try hard Henry. Danke schoen.


Yours earnestly,


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