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The email to Henry bounces. (Mmmm?)

But the bank replies:

Dr Sigmund Freud,
Suite 1, Frontal Lobe Consulting Rooms,
300 Left Hemisphere Drive,
CRANIUM, 3055,
Victoria, Australia.


RE-MITTANCE OF 6,000,000.00(SIX MILLION US DOLLARS) ON A/C No:202 - 15689 - 1

We are in receipt of your letter as the legal beneficiary of Pedro F. Hasler. Your request to transfer the sum of Six Million USD (6,000,000.00) held in a/c No: 202-15689-1 of Pedro F. Hasler to your a/c details Viz:

Bank: The Bank of Assembled Neuroses
BSB: 043-778
Account No: 3435-0006
Account Name: Psychoceramics Pty Ltd trading as Sigmund Freud Consulting

We have already written and forwarded an application to the Ministry of Finance for Foreign Exchange Control Division in South Africa, for Foreign Exchange Clearance Approval, in your favor.

However, we require the following documents A, B, and C from you before we can affect this payment to the above designated a/c.

A. The Death Certificate of Mr. Pedro F. Hasler. (Oh dear , I don't have one of them...)

B. An Affidavit in supporting your relationship with him. (...or one of them.)

C. Letter of Administration of Estate/Credit Balance of the deceased holder of the a/c. (Strike three! Bugger! Henry, where are you when I need you?)

NOTE; For immediate processing of the transfer to your nominated account, the above requested documents should be forwarded by the government accredited attorney to the bank or faxed to our zonal H/Q. Fax to: 27-8355355625 as urgent as possible.

On receipt of the above information and the foreign transfer approval from the ministry of finance you will proceed to our nearest offshore payment center for the signing of the final fund release order form[M]as the foreign beneficiary above 1,000,000.00[One million USD]and the fund will be remitted as per your request immediately by telegraphic wire transfer. A death duty fee on estate is to be paid during the signing. (What? By me?) The ministry of finance will evaluate the cost before the transfer will be effected.

Thanks, help us to serve you better.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Beata Atuma.
Online Banking Service Dept.
PSG Investment Bank Limited.

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