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Where Sigmund Freud hangs out his shingle for some Nigerian Conmen.
Original email forwarded to me by Jim Budd.

Finished. Last addition: January 14th., 2003.

I have put GoogleAds on the bottom of these letters. It is fun watching it struggle to find a theme to hang an ad onto.
As I understand it, if I can get a group of people, roughly the size of the population of mainland China, to visit the advertised sites I will get enough money to buy a coffee (small, black, no sugar.) Fair compensation, some say. Thanks.

  1. I am the Auditor General of one of the prime banks...
  2. Mein electonischdocumentatengesendenmachinen.
  3. I can go back with you to your Country like one family
  4. Is she in your life most large and looming?
  5. Enter application form, stage left.
  6. I am for mein thesis as many results as possible needing.
  7. How is your mother? Do you find her attractive?
  8. Please be telling me this thing. It is nicht difficult.
  9. Psychoceramics Pty Ltd trading as Sigmund Freud Consulting Services.
  10. Ach Du Lieber mein Henry!
  11. Paperwork is missing. So is Henry.
  12. At last! I have from the bank heard!
  13. The opinions of Nigerian intellectuals.
  14. I am most happy to be hearing from you!!
  15. You will be required to come here in South Africa
  16. Please, why do you hurt me so?
  17. Are you in love? You in such puzzling riddles talk.
  18. But why will you not your support give to me?
  19. Injuries sustained both in the head and left ankle.
  20. Ein plastiktubenmitfattibrotcrumbengestooffed!
  21. You are my best frend,I did not understand your word.
  22. It is very simple, Henry. Like you.
  23. Left-handed children of red-headed Eskimos.
  24. I dont understand your english.
  25. Then I will you with ein big hug deliver, ja?
  26. A warm reception awaits you in Johannesbourg.
  27. You are to me a serious disappointment, Henry.
  28. To pick you up...for the singing of the fund.
  29. I was thinking that a convention was in town being.
  30. Waiting anxiously to hear from you.
  31. It was in a chop suey Western like.
  32. The success of this transaction is 100% assured.
  33. I have ein beer und the world much better looks.
  34. Please I want to know where you are now.
  35. Mein flight did in Nairobi land.
  36. Mr Newbery has a melancholy duty to perform.
  37. It was, as the police said, on the cards.
  38. I am not sure what you want of me.
  39. You will receive extra points if you can include a pickled onion.
  40. The End.
  41. Postscript: No more thaks.