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Rogan Josh grateful that Dr Samuel trusts him.

My Most Goodly Mr Samuel,

I am being filled with relief that you are so understanding of my predicament. I am thanking you greatly sir for your faith in me.

My details are as being outlined shortly. I am just wanting to tell you that I can do this for you and I will be making you most pleased and happy man.

My details are being:

Rogan Josh,
47 Masala Parade,
Victoria, Australia.

My fax number is being +613 xxxx xxxx.

As you will be noticing I am in Australia. I am running a small business.

Travelling will not be being a problem as my passport is off being renewed and is expected to be returned to my person at any ticking of the clock.

I am indeed most keen to be meeting you as well. You are being one of the few people who know of my terrible secret.

As you may be being aware my people are excellent players of the fine game of cricket but I am being most distraught when the umpires shout 'no ball' that I am being unable to attend such games. Similarly attendances at the racing of horses causes much distress when the peoples, most callous in their ignorance, are shouting 'their off!'. I am having much sympathy with the geldings in the race.

I am begging you to be considerate and not to be smirking when you meet me.

I am being a little confused when you are saying that we must be committed with the financials, with the morals, with the physicals and with the otherwises. What are being the otherwises?

With the regard to the expenses that you are mentioning I was of the understanding that 10% of the monies were being marked on the ear for this purpose. Is this not still being so?

As you have requesting I will be contacting the lawyer.

Thanking you once again,

Rogan Josh.

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