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Rogan decides more than enough is more than enough.

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

You are being most assuredly correct when you say I am slippering away. It is indeed what I am doing. I am being most convinced that the fraud that I am living has reached a conclusion that must be considered a natural one.

I must assure you that I Rogan Josh, the Prince of Curries, did incur no costs in attend to your services in Africa. This is being largely because I did not leave for that most exotic of continents.

I am now telling you several homing truths but you are being of a thickness approaching that of swine excrement and you are not seeing the sawn lumber for the intervening plantation.

Please be listening most carefully to what your eyes are being reading:

You most assuredly were not being billed for $18,500. This I am well knowing. In so saying this you are experiencing a flatulence most remarkable for its size and its smell and its use of an alternative orifice for exiting your body.

You most assuredly did not pay any of these moneys, as they were not being needed to be paid. You are being well aware of this, Dr Samuels.

Consequently and most significantly I am not being disposed to do you any favours and pay the balance of these imaginary monies. You may be imagining I did, if you are so wishing.

Most assuredly there is no consignment. This I am well knowing.

Most scurrilous turd of a dog! Your most wonderful photo is but dust in my mouth! You are sending me the very same photo that no fewer than two other Nigerian scamdogs have been sending to me on occasions prior to this one. Is it that you think that I am not mentally in attendance? You are being most wrong in this assessment.

You are saying that your words are authentic and true. My goodly Dr Samuels how can you be saying such things? Your words are being most assuredly false and untrue.

And now most deceived Dr Samuels I am repeated the eunuch's testicular blessing of distain for all your authenticity and truth:


Balls, Dr Samuel, to you and your scam.

I am being at the happy end of a most enjoyable time teasing of your most na•ve self.

I am attaching a more recent photograph to be assisting you should you be at the airport at Accra one day when I am passing through.

Good Day. Good Night. Good Bye.

Rogan Josh.

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