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Rogan decides enough is enough.

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

I am growing exceedingly most weariful with this enterprise and I am being of a goodly mind to be telling you a homely truths or two.

I am not believing you that you deposited the monies in the consignments and I am saying most firmly that you are pulling my legs over this issue.

It is being a most imaginary box of money, is this not being so Dr Samuels?

And it is being a great untruth that you were billed &18,500 as it is not possible that you are being billed for something that is not was not cannot be happening, is this not being so, Dr Samuels?

I am being most seriously amused by your antics that are being most definitely like the cat on an exceedingly warm roof made of tin.

I have been having much fun writing strangely phrased letters to your goodly self but now I am about to be giving your endeavours the most sincere assessment that a eunuch can be delivering to your good self:


Yours most happily,

Rogan Josh.

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