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Rogan's enthusiasm is not high:

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

I am still to be answered of my question: Then who was it being who conveyed themselves as your good selves and relieved my person of much of my hard earned monies? This I am wanting to know.

You are saying that it is all not much matter and are wanting to be pressing on it but it is I, Rogan Josh, who is without his money. What am I to be doing about this? I am asking you that, Dr Samuels, what am I to be doing about this?

I am not being as sanguine about my loss as you are appearing to be.

It is a puzzlement to me that you are still worrying about my address. It is as I have explained to you. No more can I add to my explanation. If you are in the wont of visiting neighbouring Box Hill you will find it most notable for the absence of both boxes and hills. This is not of my making. Are you planning to be gracing me with a visit of your good self?

I am being most amazed at the mobility of the money in boxes. How is it being that you can be moving them to all corners of the World but cannot be accessing the contents within them? I am finding this most puzzling.

Before I am assisting you further in this enterprise I will be wanting a most singular degree of assurance that the progress with be both forward and speedy and that I will be given all assurances that my monies will not be cast rashly onto the winds of regret.

Please be telling me this.

Yours reluctantly,

Rogan Josh.

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