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Rogan is equally unhappy but takes time to explain the suburb name:

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

I am not liking the tonal ranges of your voice. I am telling your mostly emphatically that I am not fooling with myself. For someone being in my physical state this is a wastage of my time.

Nor am I partaking of the pranks of children. I am being most adulterous in my behaviours and am looking at this process with the eyes of a wide open person. I am being most disappointed in what I am seeing.

Your are having an attack on my address and I am being eluded by your reasonings. You must be knowing Australians to be fully understanding it but in essences the suburb is being the home of a great brewery and the name GETITINDIA is being nothing to do with India but is being everything to do with the local blessing: 'Here mate. Have a beer. Getitindia.'

This is being a most common saying and has been resulting in the suburban name. I am truthfully telling you much of this.

I am being without $25,000 in my pocket and you are accusing me of not being honest and also sincere? This is being a most sadly commentary, Dr Samuels.

Please be telling me of your plan but I am telling you that I am feeling poorly disposed to taking bad money and throwing goodly money beyond it.


Rogan Josh.

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