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Rogan confirms that the photo is indeed of the man he met in Accra:

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

I am being mostly confused even more so by your letter. Your photograph is indeed a most goodly one and I am being forced to admit that you are looking more lively than you are doing in your passport.

I am not remembering the presence of a red bandanna on your head when I am meeting you but I am being well reminded of everything else. Is that being the genuine imitation of a Rolex that I was giving you in Accra that you are wearing in the photo? I am thinking so.

You are being enquiring about who I met in Accra? I am being repeatedly stating that I am meeting yourself, the goodly Dr Samuels, in Accra. If you are holding your photo to a mirror with yourself you will be seeing the truth of what I am saying. And that I was staying with your good self at your house on Achimota Road.

Why are you treating me with a fool?

This is my question. It is being the $25,000 question.

Yours sincerely,

Rogan Josh.

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