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Rogan is equally upset:

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

Am I being deceived by my own eyes? Is it that you are saying that you do not have the money even after I was giving it to yourself in Accra?

I am being of the opinion that this is being a most poorly jest on your parts and would be most respectfully requesting that you do not be propagating such stories as they are being matters most poorly suited to the joking about.

You must be remembering how I was giving you the monies on the verandah of your house and how we were both being in some merriment when the lovely Svetlana did wisely observe that all that money must be having the worth of a fortune? Are you not well recollecting this? I am thinking it must be so.

And you are asking me about the hotel I was residing? Surely you must be remembering that it was the Hotel Samuels, that you were being most kindly so to accommodate myself and the lovely Svetlana in your very house.

I am being most unwisely agitated over this little prank on your part and I am requesting that you are repositioning your finger in a place of less darkness and be telling me most properly about the progress of the monies to my country.

Yours unhappily,

Rogan Josh.

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