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Rogan answers a few of the questions:

My Goodly Dr Beckky,

Most gracious and humble greetings to your goodly and rotund self.

You cannot be imagining my distress and confusions of mind when yo say that I have not been turning up to pay the demurrage when most assuredly I travelled to your country and was feted by Dr Samuels and your goodly self for two days before I gave you the $25,000 in notes for the being of the demurrage.

I did not go to your office as you well recall, you were coming to Dr Samuels house. And there we the four of us did sit on the verandah portico and sip hot tea.

You are asking me which hotel in which I lodged? Have you not recall of this at all? I was, as you must being able to recall, supposed to be being accommodated in the Novotel Hotel, it was being in Barnes Road I am recollecting, but Dr Samuels was kindly providing a room at his villa for the duration of two nights after the calamities of the burg of St Peter.

I was being most pleased that I was fortunate enough to be finding Dr Samuels at the airport when I arrived. It was being a most fortunate stroke of luckiness. I so I was being thinking.

I am now being most confusedly puzzled. I am asking the goodly Dr Samuels to send me his picture so I may see if he is who he is saying he is being.

Once I am being in possession of his likeness I will write back to you.

Yours wretchedly,

Rogan Josh.

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