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Rogan asks for a photograph of Dr Samuels:

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

I am being most assuredly distressed by the news of your email. Upon being in receipt of it I did go to the sacred walled city of Wykikatincan to be entering into deeply state of meditation and reflection.

I have been contemplating my navels and, on some extremely citrus occasions, valencias for two days and I am being still most uncertain about this whole transaction.

Are you telling me that this will be being the last of the payments? And are you the same Dr Samuels that stood with myself on his front verandah and was saying that the $25,000 would be being the last payment?

I am being most uncertain about this.

Could you please be sending me a photograph of yourself so I may be seeing that you are most assuredly being yourself.

Thanking you most graciously,

Rogan Josh.

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