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Rogan Josh makes it home again.

(I decided to try the same tack I used in the Thommo letters, so I wait five days before answering.)

My Goodly Mr Samuels,

I am being home at last.

I am still marvelling at the extreme of our luckiness at finding you at the airport when we arrived. Truly a break of luckiness in a sea of calamities.

Thank you for giving us all your kindnesses.

The flight from Accra was having no incidents most thankfully and I was not being landed in any foreign places of freezing weathers and fiery liquors!

Svetlana has also been returning to my abode and is being most attentive to my needs, diminished as they are being. She is asking me to be thanking you once again for that most wonderful vase. It was indeed being a most wonderful gesture on your parts, especially as you had not been expecting to be seeing her at all.

We are being most pleased with our short stay in your country although as I was saying to you on that first night I was finding humidity being a bit extreme for my liking.

Now that you are having the demurrage monies, how long will it be being before the cases of money are arriving here? I am being most impatiently waiting for it now.

Yours most serenely,

Rogan Josh.

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