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Rogan Josh realizes that he is lost...

My Goodly Dr Samuels,

I am thinking I am being most wayward.

My hotel is being called Hotel Moskva and is being on Nevsky Square in St Petersburg. It is being a most admirable hotel but most singular in its absence of surrounding Ghana.

I am being rearranging my plans to be coming to Accra with the utmost of haste and alacrity. The travel bureau is being closed until the morning time.

In the absence of tomorrow I am drinking some most enjoyable warm drink being most like water in appearance but most wonderfully warming in my insides. A young lady called Svetlana is being most attentively attached to me. This is being most flattering but I am feeling that should she have plans of further contacts she will be sadly disappointed.

Yours most ashamed,

Rogan Josh.

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