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Rogan Josh, eunuch, has not been having a ball, of late. Life is fairly dull for him and he is looking for something to do. One day he gets an email:

Dear Sir/Madam,

First and foremost permit me to introduce myself, I am Mr.Samuel.E.Kolawole, the Managing Director of Trade Bank Plc. By grace and providence few people around the world has become great business partners and good friends, that is why I see mine as a privilege and not an accident in declaring this business proposition to you.

In 1998 a foreign contractor in person of Mr.Gerrand Schwartz executed a contract in the northern region, the contract was repairs and replacement of gas and petroleum pipelines including installation of Oil refinery sub-stations which he completely executed under the Nigerian Liquid Gas Resources (NLGR).

Mr. Gerrand Schwartz made a fixed deposit in my bank for three years, which has since been due for collection. I sent an official/staff of my bank to pass the information to Mr. Schwartz of the deposit he made last three years to come for the claim total US$25.2 M (Twenty Five - Two Million United States Dollars) which was the arrangement and agreement he made with Trade Bank which has always been our normal procedures. (How do these people always have this money to deposit? I was a contractor once. Obviously in the wrong union.)

In 2001, information reached my office that he was one of the victims of an automobile accident which claimed his life, I gathered research on Mr. Gerrand Schwartz and found out that he has no Next of Kin neither did he indicate any Next of Kin, as soon as I heard this information I was able to facilitate the movement of the funds in total to a Security Company in Western Africa for safe-keeping so the government wonât raise eyebrow in anyway until I scout for someone to stand as the Next of Kin.

In the magnitude of this deal I have decided to disburse the total funds in the ratio of 30% for you and 60% for me while 10% is earmarked for any expenses incurred during this transaction. The purpose why I reached you is for you to act as the Next of Kin to Late Gerrand Schwartz, since you are a foreigner.

All necessary documents regarding this transaction will be sent to you while I will employ an Attorney to put together the Power of Attorney and other documents, these documents will give you full right for claim. I assure you that this transaction is 100% risk and hitch free, that is the main reason why an Attorney is involved.

I will want you to look for a lucrative business under your close supervision in which part of my share will be invested upon.

Please, if you are sincere, honest and willing to consumate this business deal with me kindly reach me via my personal email so we can proceed with the transaction.

I want you to note that this transaction will last at least 21 working days from the day of your response and quick daily correspondence within 48hours.

Awaiting your anticipation.


Mr. Samuel .E. Kolawole

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