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Some people's misfortune is other's fortune:

My Goodly Mr Samuels,

At long last the Gods are smiling with us! I was being ready to leave for the airport when I found your facsimilated message that had been consumed by my fax machine. But what was I to be doing as I was already sitting and waiting for the taxi-cab to be taking me to the airport?

I was thus pondering when I was being arrived at the Tullamarine terminal and was anxiously waiting for the boarding call when news come to us that the flight had been delayed due to the pilot being shot by the husband of the chief stewardess. The blessings were most mixed, especially being so for the pilot but the shot fired upwards of the whole affair is that my flight has been delayed until tomorrow after noon. I am being only just returned to my home.

This will be meaning that my flight to Accra is being also delayed but as a crepuscular glory I will be blessed with a morning to do your needs being with the money tomorrow.

Strangely times, strangely times indeed, Mr Samuels.

I am being within hearing of what you are saying about the airport and the hotel but I am unaware as to what hotel towards which I must be progressing. Is there more than one in the fair city of Accra?

Please be remembering that my ability to call Mr Becky is not being available but I may be able to be getting an assistance from airport staff at Kotoka airport.

Yours most sincerely,

Rogan Josh.

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