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Rogan Josh provided a passport.

You may find that the signature is more legible upside down than right way up.
Those of you with neck problems, click here to see signature upside down. Or is it right way up?

My Goodly Samuel,

I am thanking you most humbly for the honours that you bestow upon me in you letter. They are warming the cockles within the heart of me.

Please I am begging you do not be buying me gifts. It is being an obligation for me to be carrying and is unfairly a burden upon my better judgement concerning the balance of the scales of the universe.

I am hearing what you are saying about my conversing with the security company but I am telling you that I am being well used to writing notes. I am with my hearing but without my speaking. I am being most regretfully used to this difficulty but I am assuring you that the securitywallahs will be having no difficulty.

With regards to the booking of a hotel room my needs are being most modest.

I am attaching a copy of my passport to this email. I am being most easily recognised in a crowd! I am looking forward with much eagerness to seeing your photo.

I am thanking you most assuredly for your weather and clothing advice. I am appreciating it immensely.

Yours most assuredly,

Rogan Josh.

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