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The Baron pushes for a better photo.

Mein liebe Miss Williams, Mein liebe Deborah,

How is it that you are going?

Was the New year to you kind and encouraging?

I must to you be apologising. I have too many cocktails been drinking. There is being one called the Sopwith Camel. After I had downed ten of them I was well and truly on the ground hugging the grass.

Unfortunately I did not the verdampt beaglehundt see.

Anyway, I must to business be heading. Please be telling me the progress of mein money. I am being confused about Canada. Am I being require to be going there? I am having a mind that says to me that this is nicht possible.

Are there being alternatives?

And what about your photo mein Fraulein? It is to you most unflattering and ist making you like ein badly stacked bag of potatoes look. It is looking as if it is from the Nigerians Women's Weekly geschnipped. Are you having a better photo?

Your most ardently,


Thousands of people are HEALTHY, WEALTHY & HAPPY.

Why not you?

The answer is closer and easier than you could ever imagine.

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