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The Baron tries to ease the Canadians back to English.

Attention Herr Fred Denver,

It is being mein belief that mein English is better than your German is being?

Would you with this assessment agree?

Please be me specific details for moving ahead giving. I am wanting to this project finish so that I can with mein life be moving onwards.

I am Miss williams wanting to be meeting and to be knowing her intimates closely. I am of the opinion that this is a most desirable thing and the monies will greatly enhance my standing in her eyes. The sooner they are dealt with the better and better I will feel that the transaction is over and out. Nicht wahr?

Please be being promptly attentive to mein demands.


The email bounces, so he tries a previous email address:

Mein Dear Sir,

Please be by me advised that your other emailing account is kaput.

I am waiting still for your informations for the moneys transfer that you have me promised.

I am wanting to be with the transaction maneys wooing Miss Williams and I am believing firmly that if I am to be into her knickers geslippen I will be with more than with eine grosse weiner endowered.

Please be helping me, I am about this waiting most painfully sore.


A reply, still in German comes from Fred Deren. What happened to Fred Denver? Anyway, the gist of it is that they want my money. Tsk.

Sehr gechtre Herrn Von Ricthofen

lhr e-mail von 10th feb 2005 habe ich erhalten. Damit wir lhr uberweijung durchfullen Konnen, Bitten wir sei noch einmal lhr offen geburen zuzahlen damit wir lhr Konto bei uns activren Konnen und Weiteres Uberweisung an lhr Landes bank im Australia zu machen.

Bitte machen sei lhr Zahlung an Usere Zahhlung Stelle.

Danke im Voraus

Fred Deren

German Correspondent officer

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