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The Princess and the Tiger.

From:Miss Deborah Williams_
To :Manfred von Richthofen ,


Received your mail and all the contents well noted with thanks.

Darling,Please try and round up this project with this office in Canada to enable me meet you in your country for further discussion.

Darling,note that i am also longing for your careless.My favour colour in Condon is silky white to fell the real natural touches of your tiger.

Thanking you for your understanding and co-operation

Have a blissful weekend


Miss Deborah Williams

How can the weekend be blissful without his Princess?

Meine liebchen,

How can my weekend bliss full be when I am here and you are not here?

I am from the Canadians an occasional email getting.

You would not believe how bad their German is! But macht nicht, eh? We will with them persevere until they their act together are getting.

I will for you ein gross of silky white condoms buy. But what will we for the second night do?

Be brave meine liebechen, meine kleine princess, I am having this process in control.

Yours mit affectionately,


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