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Deborah seems even more anxious:

From:Miss Deborah Williams
To :Manfred von Richthofen,


How are you today?.Hope you are enjoying good health.

Darling,today is Thursday almost the end of this working week.Please Darling,have you been able to send the money to Canada office?.Darling,just want to let you that i am not worried but just concerned to hear update from you.Please Darling,kindly create a space to update me even if it is a line please.

Thanking you for your kind understanding.

Your princess,

Miss Deborah Williams

While the Baron seems to have other things on his mind:

Mein darling, mein liebchen, throb of mein loins,

Why do you think that I am not you calling me darling liking? I am liking you all of your emotions showing me. Do you think I like being called Sir this and Sir that, here a Sir there a Sir, every where there is being a Sir Sir Sir?

Mein kleine kitten, I am of you thinking many times and I am being most deprived of sleep by mein thoughts.

I am of whipped cream thinking. I am of applying it thinking and I am of removing it thinking. It would for mein diet be a problem but I am of the mind that I would not much else be eating.

I am wondering if you can imagine me doing that to you?

Affectionately yours,


PS: I am for a reply from the Canadians waiting. Are they rude being? I am of the mind that they are not good associates for you.

OK, OK, I'll call you 'Darling',whatever, but have you rung the Canadians?

From:Miss Deborah Williams_
To :Manfred von Richthofen


Received your mail and all the contents well noted with thanks.

Darling,i will not address you with sir again.Please,forgive me.

Darling,kindly and urgently contact the Canada office instead of you waiting for them to contact you.Meanwhile,have you paid the fee requested to transfer your fund?

Thanking you for your understanding and co-operation.


Miss Deborah Williams

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