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The Baron pursues some fantasies:

Mein liebchen, love of mein loins, flower of mein dreamps,

I am much better being. Danke. But mein hearing is nicht good yet.

I am being blessed most truly if your are telling me truthfully that you are me loving. I am with you agreeing that the physical aspect of love is most delightful and I am about you thinking must lovingly in this regard. But that is not to be saying that there is in the oral positions not much pleasure to be given. If you are me doubting I can only advise you to prepare to be mistaken pleasantly.

Please, mein leibchen, tell me about your fantasies.

Can you imagine all the ways I could you excite? I am wondering if you have already started to notice the warmness and pleasures that mein love will you bring. I am a strong man being! I am wondering if you will your feelings with me share.

I have the Canadian peoples again contacted. They are saying that there is a wire transfer fee to be paid. Does this to you sound reasonable? I am doubtful. I am from them waiting for a reply.

Your mit affection,


Young Deb is still keen for the Canadian conection to proceed:

From:Miss Deborah Williams_
To :Manfred von Richthofen


Received your mail with thanks.I am happy to hear that you are getting better.

Darling,i can share from your feelings.I love strong men that can satisfy their women sexually.That goes to show that you are my ideal man.I can't wait to meet you to get all the love and affection you posses.

Darling,regards to the wire transfer from the Canada office,i have confirmed the same from CBN here and it is real.The authorities of CBN instructed them to collect the wire fee before final transfer to clients designated accounts.Therefore darling,i am kindly pleading with you to try as much as you can to send the money to them so that we can complete this project soonest to enable me start coming.

Thanking you for your understanding and co-operation.

Your princess,

Miss Deborah Williams

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