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The Baron seems happy to be getting a picture.

Mein Dear Miss Williams,

I am many thanks giving you for your prompt reply.

I am that you are being most generous feeling. Seventy percent is a most generous cut of the funds, nicht wahr? I am feeling that perhaps it would be being more amicable if we were to the funds equally gesplitt: 50-50, no?

What of this suggestion do you think?

You will to me be your picture sending? I am being most flattered. I will it be keeping beside mein heart when I am mein Fokker flying. Do you like flying Miss Williams? I am mein own plane having and I would be most pleased to take you for a ride.

I most assuredly do you to keep this transaction confidential promise with mein hand on mein heart. Of this you can be trusting me, dear lady. I vill be to no-one the beans gesplilling.

I am remaining your obedient servant,

Manfried von Richthofen.

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