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The Baron doesn't answer for a few days and Miss Williams gets anxious and a little warmer:

From:Miss Deborah Williams
To :Manfred Von


How are you today?.Hope this email finds you in good health and high spirit.

Sir,i am a young lady,so emotional and completely babyish in a project of this magnitude.Please sir,i want you to be aware that this is my first ever experience in a deal of this class.My faith and heart is being strengthened each time i read your mail and forsee success ahead of us.Again,you are the only informative medium to me between you and that of Canada office.In essence,each time you place me in dark,i remain totally in dark.It is true that i am here monitoring my system to ensure no loop-holes or leakages but your contribution in terms of constant update really matters a lot to me. (Mmm...seems like once she has 'fed' her victim to the higher management she is kept in the dark about progress. Probably worried that the deal will go through but that there will be no split her way...) Like i said before,i am like a virgin in this deal,therefore,need your updates to contineously strengthen me in a great form.

Please,Please,Please Sir,i am humbly pleading with you to kindly respond to this mail regards to update even if it means a line.I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanking you for your understanding and co-operation.

Miss Deborah Williams

The Baron is remorseful:


I must you forgiveness be asking. My last email was most improper being and I was most assuredly wrong to such improper comments to be making.

I am of your love most undeserving.

Your Manfred.

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