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The Baron writes to Miss Williams. Mind you, the knock to his head seems to have focussed his mind on a fairly tight topic range... He carefully avoids all mention of Canada and the request for money.

Meine liebe Deborah,

It is me, your Manfred! I am against all the odds alive being. The doctors did to mein head with ein brace and bit drilling and they were the sap letting ausdrip. I was in mein head a great pressure having.

But I am much better being.

And I must be you telling that mein manhood has not from the accident suffered. The doctors were me telling that I did ein erection maintain even while in a coma being. Such is the von Richthofen stamina. I did a little joke make and did the doctors tell that that I must have about you been dreaming. They were me in turn telling that it was probably mein thoughts of your hot and geschwettig body that mein life saved as they did from my brain the blood draw.

Thank you mein liebchen, how can I you repay this debt? I am resolved to be our first night together making like ein feuerwerkspectakular! Mein anchestor, der original Baron, did the von Richthofen engine develop, or so I am being told. He was me telling when I was on his lap sitting. It was, he told me, ein single cylinder, self lubricating, pump action, direct engagement engine, exceptionally good for the pumping of flesh. I am thinking that it was ein sausage machine being.

Mrs Herr Baron would blush and with her embroidery busy herself but I was the reason for this missing. After he had described the motions of this engine for some time Mrs Herr Baron did me a book offer and then Mr unt Mrs Herr Baron left me to be reading while they to their bedroom went. From the noises that were from that room coming I was thinking that they must have been this fine engine running. When they did to mein room return they would about the engine no more talk but wished the weather to discuss. I was as ein child most confused.

But now I am most manly being and I am most understanding of what was in the next room happening! I am a man of the world being mein Deborah.

One of the things that you will be most impressed with me will be mein stamina. I am like ein locomotive.

Can you imagine how good it will be feeling when I am you mein piston showing? A person cannot have too much of such things, mein Deborah, is it not so?

I am now ein shower needing.

Gut night, mein liebechen,


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