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And Miss Williams is duly concerned about her good friend Manfred's health.

From:Miss Deborah Williams
To :M. T. Bocks.


It sadened my heart to hear update regards the health of my friend,Manfred.

Sir,he had told me of the Crash but i thought he is better at the moment.After reading the ugly news,i cried out profusely and uncontrollably,hence unable to response to your mai soonestl.Sir,kindly on my behalf extend my warn and humble sympathy to Manfred and assure him that he will have a successful surgery.

Well sir,just to inform you that he does not only think that i am special but he knows that i am special and he is also special to me.Please,Please,Please sir,kindly assist in any way you can to ensure that nothing happens to him.My spirit is with him all the way.

Sir,i will continue to pray consistently for him to recuperate soon and also fast.I will definately miss him within this period of struggling in his sick bed.

Wishing him successful surgery.


Miss Deborah Williams

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