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But the Newbery family are about to decamp to the coast for a week. What to do?

Dear Miss Williams,

I have been asked to write to you by my friend Manfred.

As I believe you are aware, Manny was in a plane crash last week. Initially he was considered to have escaped serious harm but unfortunately over the weekend he started to complain of headaches.

The headaches got worse and he has been rushed into the hospital for emergency surgery. His mother is on her was out from Germany to be at his side.

His last words before entering theatre were "Herr Bocks, you will Miss Williams that I love her be telling, ja?"

This I am now doing. The young man does seem to think that you are something special.

I am sure everything will be alright once he comes out of the coma.

Yours sincerely,

M. T. Bocks.


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Why not you?

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