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The Baron concedes that, after his crash, he is not too pretty and sends some old pictures. Keen readers will notice a remarkable similarity between the Baron and Errol Flynn. This is purely coincidental.

Mein liebe Deborah,

You are most rightly being correct. I have in ein plane crash being and mein brain is like a snake rattled. Mein Doktor wants me in a hospital to be kept for observing. He is most insistent being.

I am your Canadian friends corresponding with. I am hopeful that mein in hospital being will not the transfer of monies affect. Indeed it should my recover accelerate as it will for me be waiting on my release.

I have for you some photos attached. I am not a pretty sight being at present so the photos are being not from this week. There is ein hideous photo being one that mein mother had taken for our Christmas before last. I am in it like a Christmas turkey looking, nicht wahr?

The other photo is of me sailing being. I was on our family yacht taken.

Please be telling me, mein liebe, are you of massages fond?

I must noe to the clinic be going.

Your battered flyer,


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