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Confused about what to do next, the Baron writes to Canada.

Mein Lieb Wayne Patrick,

I have your document received but I am being by it confused.

It is me giving a PIN number and yet it nowhere to use the PIN gives me.

Am I at my local bank to be using this? Should I them be asking to transfer the monies to me? I am confused.

You must be me forgiving as I am the recipient of a recent plane crash being. Mein mind is being like an egg scrambled. I am by my doctor being told that I should in a hospital be kept. I have him told that this would for mein business associates be very inconvenient but he is insistent being.

I will be you keeping informed.

I am about your information on Miss Williams most concerned.

There is being nothing of it.

Is it that you are from me her keeping? Is it that she is your lover being? Please be telling me of these things as I am not wanting a wild goose to be chasing.

Yours sincerely,


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