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The young flyer, a Baron, replies:

Mein Liebe Fraulein Williams,

I am in receipt of your facsimile message being and it is much hope to me giving. I am being on holidays in der Australien outback gevilderness; it ist being both red unt barren and I am being feeling most homely here. But you will in this be not interested.

I have the proceeds of mein transaction been chasing for many months and they have been more elusive than der verdampt Beaglehund, Geschnoopy. You are my predicament understanding I am sure. Gut, sehr gut.

You are to me implying that you are the answer to my problems having; mein liebechen, this music to mein ears giving.

I am not knowing you but I am of the mind being that I can be trusting you and will nothing wrong by me be doing.

You may be contacting me on

Or mit the facsimile machine on +613 9833 4933.

Yours bombastisch,

Manfred von Richthofen

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