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The Baron asks advice...

Mein liebchen,

You are mein email misunderstanding. I to your Canadian friend wrote on the fourth of January. They have not replied most rudely.

Truly I am perplexed unless it is Nationalmapelsugarstoffwock and they are in sticky situations gestuck, trinken der bier and gesnoozen. Sorry, I am getting upset. I did to your friends write, mein liebechen.

Should I to them again write? Will I be pushy looking?

I your attitude and determination am loving, mein Deborah. You are woman I can respect. Have you ever leather been wearing? I am that it would be suiting your feeling most deeply,

Your stranded flyer,


Thousands of people are HEALTHY, WEALTHY & HAPPY.

Why not you?

The answer is closer and easier than you could ever imagine.

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