Princess Tikka Masala

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A video clip is sent! I wont be putting it on the site but it goes for 5 secs and shows a pair of hands putting bundles of US$ in a suitcase.
A trip to Holland is in the offing.

Attn: Princess Tikka

Your payment has been channeled through our offshore payment centre in Holland and its going to be by cash, through the diplomatic courier/Finance company in HOlland.

The payment officer with the security/Finance company will contact you in due cause, only if you conbfirm to me that you are ready to collect your money in cash. Although after recieving your money, the officer incharge of payment will assist you in the lodgement of the money into your account through the city express bank Holland.

I have attached a video clip of the arrangment of your money.

Call me or send me a mail after you have gone through this mail.

Rev. Dr. William Orji

"All that money must be worth a fortune". Straight from the Goon Show. Thank you Mr Milligan.

My Good Reverend Orji,

I am thanking you very much for your goodly letter.

I am appreciating greatly the video clip of the moneys. They are looking very attractive and after I am looking at them I am thinking that those moneys must be being worth a fortune at least. Is this not so?

They will be helping greatly to fund our glorious freedom fighters.

You will be wanting me to collect the moneys in Holland, I understand. I am now waiting for the officer to contact me impatiently.

Bless you good Sir. May Wotawanka, the hairy palmed God of the solitary enterprise, be smiling upon your endeavours.

Yours most serenely,

Princess Tikka Masala.

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