Princess Tikka Masala

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The Rev seems happy with all the numbers and things are moving along.

Dear Princess Tikka Masala,

How are you doing in your country? hope fine as we are fine here in the Lord.

I will be forwarding your file to the office of the paymaster general by monday for verification, whice after they are through they will return the file back to my office for payment.

Be advised, in this matter of your contract payment that you have to help me to be able to help you as I have been mandated to release to you your contract payment, I will not in any way fail in my possition to do so. I will like for you not to deal with any other office out side this office concerning your contract payment as any form of duplication in your contract file will result to the cancelation of your contract claim.

I advise you follow my lead and trust me in this matter as i will be very transperent to you till you get your contract payment released.

Do call me on my direct number 234-1-7761774 I will like to speak with you on phone.

Stay blessed,

Yours Faithfully.

Rev.Dr. William Orji

I am ignoring his request for a phone call for the moment. A cryptorchid is one whose scrotum contans no testicles.

My Dear Reverend Dr Orji,

It is very good news that you are bringing to me. I am understanding it completely. I am to Monday looking forward. I am thinking it is next Monday you refer. Please correct me if I am think wrongly.

I am being very happy that you are working so well beside me and I am indeed being full of confidence that the payment will be being proceeded forward with the utmost dispatch.

Of course I am trusting in you. You are all I have, isn't it?

I am rejoicing in your blessing to me. It is warming my heart to truly meet a man of so near convictions.

May the melancholy God of the Harem, Cryptorchid, bestow his riches upon your manhood.

I am thinking this is a good thing.

Yours serenely,

Princess Tikka Masala.

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