Princess Tikka Masala

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A miracle! An account number I concocted from thin air actually matches that in the Rev Dr's computer. (Where are these skills when I need them? Lotteries, for instance.) For some reason he has requested the contract numbers as well.

Dear Princess Tikka Masala,

I have recieved your banking information and it corresponds with what I have in my computer, but I would want also to follow the layed down rules for the clarance of contractors and their payment. So you are to send to me your contract number and your contract sum too.

You are to do this immediately so that I will be able to clear you and send your file to the office of the paymaster general for final clarance, before your file will be brought back to me for the immediate release of your contract payment which will not be later than next week.


Rev.Dr. William Orji

So I send him some numbers. These are from one of the J. Cosmo Newbery series. It will be interesting to see if he knows.

My Good Reverend Doctor Orji,

I am wishing you that your health be vigorous and your loins eternally fertile!

The information that you will be wanting is as follows:

Contract: NNPC/PED/2039-X/99
Amount: US$36,561,000.00

Please be telling me, Sir, what is the state of weather in your town today? Is it fully fine? (The guy is all business. I want him to open up a little.)

Blessing be upon your heads.

Yours serenely,

Princess Tikka Masala.

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