Princess Tikka Masala


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Where Dr Alex refuses to admit to the bleeding obvious.

My Goodly Doctor Alex and your most gracious wife, Mrs Goodly Dr Alex,

I am sending you the greetings of a true Princess.

Having read your last letter I am thinking that you are indeed having the spatial characteristics the shortest dimension of two short planks.

This is seeming to suit you admirably.

But now I must be telling you that I am having a life to live and in order to be doing so I must be giving you the dismissive shake of the wrist.

Bless you both, you have been making me most fully amused for some good time.

May Bluebird, the sharp beaked God of Happiness, peck holes in your condoms and Crackednipples, the lamenting Goddess of Multiple Births, make your nights sleepless and your pantry forever empty.