Princess Tikka Masala

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Where Dr Alex refuses to admit to the bleeding obvious.


I received your mail and I am truly telling you that I have not known your intension about this fund. I have to reply you because of the love of God. I am the director of foriegn dept settlement Central Bank of Nigeria,I have stayed in this office for so many years assisting foriegn investors in many ways.

Many has shown appreciation to me after my assistance. If this fund cannot be executed I will not contact you in the first place. A file came to my office with the contract number: NNPC/PED/NTL/02-04-99,Contract amount: $31.5m USD.

I have decided to assist based on your earlier response to me, I went to Fedral capital Abuja Nigeria concerning this fund to submit the bank particulars you are supposed to pay for my flight ticket but I did it out of love to you. Now I have decided that before I go any further on this issue you have to call me on my security telephone number 234-1-4706305, let me know whom I am dealing with before I proceed.

Without this I will not respond to your mail again. We are in the last quarter of payment to all our contractors,so I am busy now. Once more, as soon as everything is concluded this fund shall be remitted into your receiving banking details.

Best regards.
Dr.Alex Frank

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