Princess Tikka Masala

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Puzzled, Princess Tikka writes to both parties:

To Dr Ahmed she said:

My Dear Goodly Dr Ahmed,

I am thinking I am having a too few Indians and a too surplus of chiefs.

I am being most confused. Am I to be doing the bidding of the goodly Dr Frank or am I to be doing what you are bidding?

Please be advising me as to who has the highest bid.

I am most perplexed,

Yours supinely,

Princess Tikka Masala,
Exiled ruler of the Channa Dahl.

To Dr Frank she said:

Dear brother Alex,

I am being most bisected with doubts.

I have been receiving faxes from the Dr Tanko of my past, imploring me to send him monies.

Am I to be doing what you are saying to me or am I to be doing what the periodically present Dr Tanko requests?

Without receiving your guidance I am being like a sheep without a rudder.

Please be telling me quickly.

Yours most confused,

Tikka Masala

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