Princess Tikka Masala

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Princess Tikka is free.

My dear brother Alex,

I am thinking that this has been a most unbelieving week. I am surely right about this.

My life has been upheaving most violently. It has been leaving me with much emotional drainage.

Was my goodly assistant Serrah advising you of my most miraculous escape from the maniac in the headsock? The police negotiators were killing him as dead as a door knob. It will be being made into a most moving picture story, I am assuring you of that. It was being an epic of a size proportional to a bible.

But I am also being mostly distressed at my disappointment to you and your goodly wife. I have been trying most ardently to be paying the monies and the gods and goddesses have be doing little but spit into my vindaloo.

Tomorrow I will be sending you the monies. Of it I am most certain. After all what else can be happening to me?

Now I am wanting some sleep. Please be giving my regards to the goodly Sandra your wife my sister.


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